Animation & Film

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Who Says the Old Can't Move? Music Video

"Who Says the Old Can't Move?" was a project developed to explore the world of classical Hollywood cinema. This music video, using the Brian Setzer Orchestra song Jump, Jive, an' Wail, was made from footage from 15 different Hollywood movies. The clips were chosen for their variety of movements and comedic elements. The editing made use of graphic matches and continuities of motion across a series of clips to create a fast moving and highly visual film. People often dismiss and discount classic films as boring and outdated. This video was created to prove that the classic film styles and actions can still be truly invigorating and fun as well as entertaining even as measured by today's contemporary standards.

The movies from which clips were taken include: Arsenic and Old Lace, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Bringing Up Baby, From Here to Eternity, Holiday, It Happened One Night, Jailhouse Rock, Monkey Business, My Favorite Wife, People Will Talk, Pillow Talk, Roman Holiday, The Shop Around the Corner, Singin’ in the Rain, and Some Like it Hot.

AnimationMentor Reel

These are some clips from assignments I have done from Classes 1 & 2 at along with some pose exercises I have done there.
Stop Motion - Self Cleaning

This project is a mixture of film and stop motion animation. The clothes come to life.
Synesthesia Group Project (My Part)

This was a project that about 30 people worked on. We broke down into groups of about three people, each group's project blended into the next group's.

Our group had the first part of the song. Each member of our group animated about 15-20 seconds.

My portion is listed here.
Music Video - That's Amore

This is a Flash animation to Dean Martin's That's Amore done in a fun, goofy style.
Montage - Streaming Flash Player

The assignment was to create a montage of various images that had one general meaning.