Interactive Art

NASA Goddard SDO Satellite Interactive Phase I

This is a work in progress of an interactive piece that will be displayed on the NASA Goddard SDO Satellite website for the general public. The user click and drags to help rotate the satellite and can then click on various parts of the satellite to have text that explains what each component does.

For this I programmed in Virtools the interface and interactive elements, used Photoshop for the Text.

This link will take you to the NASA website in a new window with it in order for you to play. Further instructions are there, and you will need to download a plug-in in order to play.
Dopey ASCII Art

My all time favorite cartoon character done in ASCII, then utilized with CSS to make it interactive

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Cary Grant ASCII Art

One of my favorite actors in ASCII and enhanced with CSS

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Family Tree

This is my family tree done with JavaScript and utilizing the Sims 2 Create-A-Sim.

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Photo Gallery

PHP was used to create a dynamic photo gallery with captions. I chose an Andy Warhol theme.

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Slot Machine

The layout and graphics were given to us, the assignment was to program it. JavaScript was used to make the machine run.

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